About us

RDF Wine
Wine has always been Adam’s passion. Twelve years ago it became his profession. Working on the best cruise ships in the world gave Adam the chance to taste what the wine world has the best to offer. Along the way of his career the idea appeared to find someone reliable to justify and verify the wine knowledge Adam acquired.

His knowledge was approved by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust in London (WSET®), and Adam achieved the right to teach on their behalf. To see the updated list of teachers available in Europe, please click the following link:

…and all started once upon a time, when Adam’s Mom had to blush repeatedly after he couldn’t help smelling and sniffing everything around him, and informing the whole world about his discoveries. Not once or twice had his bad smelling results been spoken out loud, and that was quite embarrassing to the whole world. That is how the present NOSE was born. Today, he can recognize strawberries and cream in the glass of wine whereas others smell only… wine.

RDF English
Psychology and how to motivate people to achieve their goals have always been Kasia’s passion. The level of knowledge and experience she represents now had always been tested and revised along the way, on children of her friends and acquaintances, helping them in preparation to their most important language exams. In Kasia’s case, the more difficult, the better it is. Therefore when others crossed out those children with the dyslexia syndrome, Kasia is all happy to help them.

…and all started once upon a time, when Kasia was 10 years old, spending her summer holidays at her grandma’s place, together with her cousin who was three years old. The younger girl was hearing-impaired and had a speech defect. The girls spent three weeks together. After the vacation was over the speech therapist said: “This little kid (Kasia) did the whole lot of work on which a highly regarded specialist would need the whole year”.

The artistic talent of Kasia makes the English grammar appear as one big picture.