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Waiter Courses

The vocational education we got in the hotel-management school, as well as over twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry gives us the right to believe that the theory together with practical exercises being passed during our courses will be the source of priceless knowledge for each participant. During classes we neither tell our students what to do nor we reproduce patterns. We rely on our own, rich professional experience. We help students understand “WHY”, and how to translate this knowledge into action.

The awareness of the up-selling is not a bunch of phrases learnt by heart, but a bench-mark of an every professional waiter every professional employer looks for. We underline and explain the core of the “First Impression”, what it consists of, and why it is so important.

The unique climate in a restaurant, the recognition from guests and the satisfaction from the financial results gained are all priorities in action on the floor, being the outcomes of the professional attitude of both, Managers and Staff.

Service etiquette, psychology of the guest, practical exercises

Imagine yourself the following situation:

“In a plush dining room, beautifully dressed guests dine on a sumptuous meal. The food is superb; the ambience, elegant; and the prices, surprisingly reasonable. These guests will surely return to enjoy this restaurant again, won’t they?

Unfortunately they will not…

After waiting half an hour in the crowded lobby for the reserved table, they were seated without apology or explanation by a clearly harried Maître D’. After another half hour, their waiter quickly and silently passed out menus while on his way to serve another table. One of their table settings lacked forks; another, a napkin. One guest received the wrong appetizer, and when she complained, the waiter argued that she was mistaken. When the main courses arrived, two guests discovered their food was not what they had expected and violated their diets. The red wine was served, already poured, in white-wine glasses. When the waiter began to prepare the dessert table side, he realized that he had forgotten to bring matches to flambé it, and it was ruined. On his second try, in his annoyance, he tilted the pan too far while flambéing and scorched the table-cloth, barely missing the guest of honour’s arm. After another long wait for the check, which was illegible, the guests were happy to escape.

Sound like a nightmare? It was, not only for the guests but for the service staff and the restaurant’s management. But such nightmares occur all too often, and they can be easily avoided. The key to providing quality table service is knowledgeable, well trained staff.”

(From the book “Professional Table Service” by Sylvia Meyer, Edy Schmid, Christel Spühler)

Would you like to have professionally trained Waiting Staff?
Please contact us, and we will share our knowledge and experience with you. The quality of service and psychology of the guest are not very difficult to understand but definitely, extremely important.

After walking into a restaurant, don’t you sometimes have the feeling, you do not match there?
Not only does the Restaurant Staff have to know their job, you also have the right to get to know, how to behave.

Based on cooperation with London’s WSET® and on long-lasting experience in working in ***** Star restaurants at sea, we train Waiting Staff.

Restaurant service etiquette with savoir vivre elements.