English language

English language

English language on customized levels

  • My first steps in learning English
  • Preparation to school pre-tests
  • Preparation to school-leaving exams
  • Conversation classes

The first steps in learning English language don’t have to be boring. The combination of games, plays, music and drawing will painlessly introduce your child to the maze of the English language grammar and spelling. And perhaps, you would like to join us.

The first exam in foreign language is always stressful. Give us enough time and we will help your child get rid of the fear.

The school-leaving oral examination and…everybody is scared out of their wits (especially now, when the exam rules changed again). You don’t need to worry anymore. We don’t want to compete with or against your school teacher. We only want to fill up the gap, and complement what you should know, and what teachers have no time for. You do speak English but you are not aware of it yet. We will go there with you!

Are you not sure if you use proper English? Do you want to check it without grammar and books? Please come, and we will have a heap of fun. We offer the Conversation Workshops as well.

Come, and we will have a good time.

We have our own data-base for all levels of teaching. You don’t need to buy another book to work with us.